When you send me an e-mail

Dear my friends,

Thank you for sending me your comments. Please send e-mail with the new address.

antireklama, at-mark, sugihara, period, com

Background information

I'm tired of receiving so many spams everyday. recently, nine hundreds per day is norm. Without deleting junk mails every day, my e-mail box would be full up in a couple of days so I can't even go to travel to remote area. So I need to to change the address.

After one month of this announce, all the e-mail send by my previous address will be automatically thrown into junk folder and never regarded.

And if my new address will be a target of spam again, I would change it again. Changing e-mail address periodically would be inconvenient for you, but I hope you will understand. If somebody knows better idea, please advise me.

Best regards,

Satoshi Sugihara

Sun Jun 20 17:38:03 JST 2004

Another Update

My previous ISP discontinued a plan I(ve been using. I thought it's not reasonable price, so instead of move to their new plan, I paid Networksolutions for Email server. It's still cheaper than IPS.

Sun Nov 20 13:15:51 JST 2016